• Bespoke certificate set up
  • Expiry notifications
  • Endorsements
  • Supplements
  • Certificate status reports
With Sealogical, you can keep all your documents on-line, and access them any time, anywhere. Nowhere is this more useful than in the easy-to-use Certificates feature, where we take all the hassle and worry out of keeping on top of vital documentation. Fully integrated with all parts of the Sealogical system, Certificates helps you manage documents efficiently, with prominent notifications letting you know immediately of anything needing your attention – so you can act in good time.

Let the lights show the way

Featuring a handy ‘traffic lights’ system, the section allows you to monitor the status of all certificates, and remind yourself of action you’ve taken, at a glance.
So, whether it’s time to endorse a certificate or renew a policy – or maybe check the small-print on anti-fouling guidelines – you’ll know where to look, and when.